why are you starting a blog?  


the life of the 'artist' - the fetishization of genius and talent - is both well-stereotyped and completely foreign to me as an emerging spoken word poet. what even does the career of a spoken word poet look like? we don't entirely know, I think. it's been around for a while but is also too new to really put down as a chalk-board formula. I want to explore the lives of people around me and share what I learn. come with me, let's do this together. much love to DIVEDAPPER and Kaveh Akbar for the inspo. 


what is chai latte? 


chai latte is an archive of the conversations I have with poets over the course of a cup. chai lattes are so ubiquitous, like art itself, but each artist's life is unique. I want to pair this common and mislabelled phenomenon with the mysterious: conversations with the canadian poets I love and want to know better.

who are you?


nisha here - I'm a spoken word artist based out of edmonton, alberta. 

who do you want to talk to? 


I love spoken word poets. so many of them. so much. I want to talk to as many as I can from all levels of commitment to the art. if you're interested or know someone who is, send me an email.